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Austin's Story

Austin tells his personal story, including dropping out of high school, starting a band, touring the country, being arrested, and struggling with the sudden death of his father. He also dives into his achievements and revivals, such as becoming a firefighter paramedic and a successful entrepreneur having employed hundreds of people within Orange County, Florida. His faith journey and personal development have created within him a heart to serve the community on over 12 different community boards such as Eight Waves Children and Family Services, West Orange Habitat for Humanity, Challenge 22 to End Veteran Suicide, The West Orange Scholarship Foundation, and several others. His life experiences gave him insight and wisdom that brought him to a point where he realized Orange County, Florida was suffering a crisis of leadership. In his story he explains that this is why he is now running for Orange County Commissioner in District 1. He seeks to bring back common sense and community driven leadership.

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