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Arthur Publicly Rebukes Wilson over Contentious Horizon West Disney Project on his New Campaign Podcast

For Immediate Release

April 9, 2024

Austin Arthur, running for Orange County Commissioner in District 1, just launched a unique podcast that he states will focus on the issues of the district.

In the first episode Arthur comes out of the gate tackling a controversial issue for residents of the Horizon West area of his district. The Orange County Board of Commissioners recently moved forward with a vote in favor of Disney to build a 1,400-unit “attainable housing” development off Hartzog Road and Avalon in Horizon West. Arthur states, “Nearly every single District 1 resident that spoke out about this development, was not in favor.”


He accuses Wilson of being incapable of representing the district in tough situations. He challenges the narrative that Mayor Demings diverted a motion away from Wilson and highlights that she made a motion first and it failed for lack of a second.

“If all the residents were against it and the commissioner of our district voted against it then how did it pass, how did it pass without any additional conditions, and why were alternative sites totally off the table? The glaring answer is because our current commissioner has failed us again, and it is just another reason why, I am running to be your next Orange County Commissioner, here in District 1.”


Arthur urges residents to not believe what he calls “spin” on the issue. Referencing the fact that Wilson was a “no” vote yet failed to put up effective opposition. He also questions her ability to negotiate benefits for the residents on infrastructure improvements.

“If she knew she could not have gotten the other commissioners to vote this project down then why wasn’t she working with Disney on concessions? Where are all the great infrastructure improvements Disney is going to pay for due to our commissioner’s negotiation skills? She got us nothing for infrastructure improvements but the project that the people were against, still moves on. This has been going on since she was elected… we get the development anyway (even if she votes against it) and we get no infrastructure improvements. We need a commissioner that can handle themselves on that board and when the cards are stacked against us, we need a commissioner that knows how to negotiate benefits for our residents. We cannot continue development and not put infrastructure first.”


The podcast is viewable on his website and wherever podcasts are available, it is titled “From the Desk of Austin Arthur.”


Austin Arthur has the endorsement of several municipal mayors and dozens of elected officials, past elected officials, and community leaders. He has raised nearly $250,000 and recently held a campaign rally with nearly 500 residents in attendance. He is an entrepreneur, community advocate, and a former firefighter/paramedic. He and his brother founded Gymnastics USA, Florida’s largest gymnastics center, and Stars and Stripes Marketing Services both in West Orange County. Austin serves on multiple boards and charities, including West Orange Habitat for Humanity, Challenge 22 to End Veteran Suicide, West Orange Scholarship Foundation, Eight Waves Children and Family Services, and others. Austin and his wife live in Downtown Winter Garden and have three young children. 

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