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Chaplain Andy Jones Praying over Austin


Austin Arthur for Orange County Commissione, District 1

Austin Arthur's Statement of Faith

Throughout my life I've made many mistakes and had to correct course several times. I’ve noticed when I was failing the most I was focused inward with a clouded mind, not following the tenets of my faith.

I believe the Bible is the moral compass of the universe and holds lessons of wisdom, logic, and common sense that have been tried and proven over the centuries. I do seek to represent all people equally, whether they share my faith, hold another faith, or do not have a faith at all. My walk with Jesus Christ has made me a better person, He strengthens, helps, and upholds me. He is my Lord and Savior, and I will always testify to that throughout my life in every endeavor I step into.

What this means for the campaign and my official leadership as a commissioner is that I will always strive to treat all people, no matter who they are, with respect and dignity, as we are all God’s children.

Austin Arthur Handwrytten Signature
Campaign Chaplain Andy Jones

Andy Jones is a follower of Jesus Christ and a chaplain for five municipalities in West Orange County including three Police departments and two Fire departments.

He is also a small business owner. His painting company operates primarily in the Southwest region of Orange County.

Chaplain Andy Jones has been married to his bride for 37 years, they have three beautiful children, one son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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