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Austin Arthur Receives Diverse Support to Unseat Wilson, Including a Former Colleague of Hers.

For Immediate Release

July 6, 2024

Victoria P. Siplin, a former colleague of incumbent Commissioner Nicole Wilson on the county board for two years, endorsed Wilson's challenger.

Backing an incumbent’s opponent is an unprecedented move for the former commissioner and on the subject, she stated, “As a two-term Orange County Commissioner, I understand the significance of collaboration. When addressing development's responsibilities to our roads and the community's welfare, it falls upon the district commissioner to engage with all stakeholders. Austin possesses the necessary business acumen and partnership mindset to positively impact the district. I wholeheartedly endorse him and eagerly anticipate the positive changes he will bring to West Orange County,”

This endorsement follows Charlie Mae Wilder's, a recently honored community advocate from Winter Garden's historically black neighborhood. Austin has worked with the community for years to revitalize it without displacement. Wilder praises him, saying, "Austin has been a blessing, showing up and helping us even when unseen. We need him as our commissioner."

Adding to the momentum community leader, Allie Braswell also endorsed Arthur. “I have been watching Austin and his campaign, he has proven to me that he has the best interest of the community at heart. I especially appreciate the work he has done in minority under-resourced communities, not just during his election but long before. I am looking forward to working together with him on things that matter to all our residents.”

Arthur emphasized his campaign's focus on bipartisan solutions. "We have prominent Democrats and Republicans supporting us," he said. "West Orange County faces housing, homelessness, and infrastructure crises. We need a leader who can collaborate, not someone lacking local endorsements and relying solely on partisan backers. This is a sign we need change. Our campaign is not about partisan politics, it is about our community. We need to focus on Infrastructure-First, the last 4 years have been a disaster. I am ready to get to work with everyone and our support shows that."

Austin Arthur Receives Diverse Support to Unseat Wilson, Including a Former Colleague of Hers - Victoria Siplin Charlie Mae Wilder Allie Braswell
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